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TBH, I was fortunate enough to not keep up with the drama, because of the slow site discouraging me from reading the forums on a regular basis, but when I go back and read through it these days, I feel that I would have probably left permanently as well. So at this stage, I kinda feel that even though the site has declined in activity as a result, most of the posters responsible for that drama have left as well or do not post often. And the discord is very active. I'll be honest, I'll take this slow decline on the main site over the high drama political stuff that this site has had ever since Gamergate.

I also feel that forums in general are dying. Most of my online activity is on Reddit these days. It is not exactly a better place as far as drama goes, but on most subreddits most 'egregious' stuff tends to be downvoted to oblivion. So less drama seen, unless you go on subreddits that actively focus on it. I may be in the minority here but I do not like to see petty name-calling and rants targeting specific groups become the norm on a discussion site.

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