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I have nothing to add to this thread but am pleased it exists. You losers need to post here instead of the Discord. Alleria sinks Juggernaughts and thrashes Guard Towers, but the BtDP official strategy guide didn't even know you could do that. Disney ruined Star Wars, but everything else they touch is golden. The alcohol I drank tonight was in celebration of finding my household's Lazo and Arras, which my distressed wife had been looking for all day. It is good times, but 5his front page has hardly any lore on it.

I feel it was a mistake to have the Windrunner's mother survive so long, for the reasons mentioned above. Nowadays I feel it's easy to fanon a Lesser Troll War vs. the ancient Troll War, to account for the retrolore's understanding of the "Troll War".

You can just destroy that ballista in the first mission; you won't need it because Alleria can do everything herself. She's ugly as a mule's smile, but man can she shoot. That was before she was a ghost demon mage, or whatever she is now.

I'm goin' home.

EDIT: I'm leaving that "5" instead of "t" typo exactly where it is. For atmosphere. Your Discord is lame!

EDIT EDIT: But seriously, I don't think Alleria was ever meant to be that old. The Troll War is a different thing than it once was. A shame. She could've sunken so many Destroyers...

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