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Originally Posted by Cacofonix View Post
Moving on from the cast, how about the space magic? Even with no Amon, space magic was still there in first game with Brood War.
Do you mean the xel'naga temple that defeats the zerg even though it was built before the zerg existed? Yeah, I'm tossing all the space magic, plot contrivances, etc in the garbage where it belongs. I proposed a reboot, not a slight tweak to the canon. I am not going to adhere to the canon events, especially since I believe Starcraft has been afflicted with bad writing since the beginning. The purpose of this exercise is to write something good.

I can understand calibrating a terraforming machine to wipe out a particular pattern, like what Stargate SG-1did with its Dakara superweapon, but Starcraft's blatant and lazy use of deus ex machina and macguffin was awful.

There is no space magic, period. There are tools, technology, resources, etc that are useful to the characters, but there is nothing that magically solves all problems. Furthermore, there is such a thing as an "arms race." Whenever you develop something, the other side will develop a counter. If you develop something that cannot be countered, then it will be because of some kind of crippling drawback (e.g. radio jamming works both ways).
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