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Labour has retained control of Peterborough, an area that was 61% Leave, in the recent by election for that seat.

BXP was looking very strong there, and had put all steps forward to possibly win their first seat. (Have a lot of rich donors). This result is a surprise(the seat has never been a Labour seat historically, it’s been a swing seat, and the only previous time Labour won it this century was in 2017).

All in all, the UK is seeing 5-party politics instead of the 3-party system that the country had for most of the last century. Labour’s socialist policies were very popular with younger people in the previous election and up till the age of 44 all age groups were heavily Labour-supportive. 45-54 were evenly divided, 55 onwards heavily Tory.

However, Labour has sat on the fence around Brexit and has thus pissed off a not small chunk of their extremely Remain-leaning base. It remains to be seen whether by the time of the next General Election there has been a solution to the Brexit crisis and how that would affect Labour’s vote share.

Mind you, all of this in a constituency where the previous Labour MP was jailed and expelled from the party for lying about a speeding offence.

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