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Labour's back at the top of the polls.

However the UK is currently going through a period that has been unprecedented in British political history- a period where despite having FPTP, it is seeing 4-party politics.

All of these 4 parties are polling in the low 20s. It's actually ridiculously similar to how continental European political systems are, where it's always about multiple parties polling and forming coalitions to form governments.

Instead of being Big Tents, those parties are very explicit in what they are- so it's the People who decide what they want. If they want to see a social democratic Left, they vote for the social democrats.

Those European coalition governments are typically formed out of alliances between social democrats and socialists on the left, and neoliberals and conservatives on the right. In the UK, I could see the same thing happening in the 2020s.

The trend in the UK is definitely about moving away from Big Tent politics. And we see that happen in the two main Big Tent parties as well. Labour is more socialist than it has been in years, and the Tories are more neoliberal Thatcherite than they have been in years. One Nation Torys are rare to see these days, and so are Blairite social democrats in Labour.

And it's all because of Brexit. One of the few positives in my opinion. Now Britain just needs to replace FPTP so that a party that gains 30% of the vote is not guaranteed to win a majority because everyone else polls in the low 20s.
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