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Originally Posted by Krainz View Post
I was watching the Brexit movie.

As a brit, can you tell me if its accurate?

What caught my attention, in special, was that it has been a sentiment that has slowly grown in a portion of the British population for over 40 years or so.

I have not seen that movie, so I cannot comment on it.

Regarding Euroscepticism, yes, it is extremely prevalent amongst the Boomer generation. Not so much amongst the few that remain of the WW2 generation, nor the generations that have come after the boomers.

But the Boomers make up a significant part of the electorate.

To add some stuff about how Brexit has been received amongst all sides of the political spectrum, to put it in a nutshell-

Far Left and Alt/Far Right are happy about it for different reasons(the EU has restrictions that would make it difficult for these fringes to seize any power).

The Left and Centre Left are unhappy about it, especially the Centre Left(elements of the Left feel that the EU is inherently a Neoliberal organisation and thus would not be severely upset about a Brexit but on the whole they too would like to Remain and Reform the EU from a socialistic perspective).

The Centre Right are in a perpetual mode of appeasing both the Right and Centrists, and are ending up pleasing neither. They are also pro big business and big business is unhappy about Brexit, and thus, their donors are unhappy as well.

The Right is the most pro Brexit group. But they are constantly pushing a narrative of 'BETRAYAL' and are somehow convinced that advocating for no-deal makes sense.

The Centrists are the most anti Brexit of all, since the Centre is mainly made up of Neoliberals. They would unilaterally cancel the whole thing if they could. However, the Centre is the smallest portion of the electorate. It used to be much larger but voting has become increasingly polarised, such that the young are overwhelmingly Left and the old are overwhelmingly Right. Even the Centre Left and Centre Right are now the minority parts of the two main parties(Labour and Conservative).

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