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Originally Posted by Triceron View Post
What about a Dark Iron/Elementals theme for Humans?

Dark Iron Sorcerer-thane who summons Fire elementals and uses Rain of Fire, Dark Iron Marshals that heal with the light, Flamewaker Overseer that drains mana, banishes and casts Flamestrikes.

Peasant - Miners or Stone Elementals
Footmen -> Brawler
Knight -> Ramriders, Corehounds or Golems
Spellbreaker -> Forgeguard
Dragonhawk -> Firehawk (like Alysrazor)
Priest -> Flamewaker Cauterizer
Sorceress -> Flamewaker Subjugator
I like this a lot! I hadn't given thought to faction skins, I'd really love this.
Daelin was right.
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