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The thing is, something said purists seem to gloss over is that sooner or later, even if there's a cohesive plan to implement Vanilla-era AQ and Naxx down the line, that's really just an extension of what amounts to a hard endpoint. A "game over," as it were. Classic will eventually run out of "fresh" content, and after that point everyone who's interested in seriously raiding will gradually end up geared in everything they could want from the top tiers.

And since they're so staunchly against the idea of anything new sullying their Vanilla experience, having the best of the best drops from the top-tier raids Vanilla ever had to offer will be utterly pointless, because there will be no subsequent tiers on the horizon that call for such gear to be had.

They'll swear up and down that it's not the case, but I find it hard to believe even the vaunted (and I'll admit, with parts missed by even me at times) sense of community will perpetually endure running redundant content for years on end where every drop gets vendor-trashed because everyone's gotten what they need out of the bosses.

Patch/expansion-end content redundancy has long proven itself to be a significant factor in killing guilds even with the knowledge that in a few months more content is coming, and with Classic that content lull is more like just a content end. Without even the surety of things taking off again in Outland, Northrend, etc., how long will fully decked-out raiders who lament the loss of difficulty in modern WoW stick around to keep stomping all over Vanilla raids they've already out-geared and out-classed?

How long before they start breaking their own "rules?" How long before effortlessly mopping the floor with Naxx (or wherever Classic ultimately cuts things off) on a weekly basis fully geared out in said raid's own drops leads to burgeoning demands from those self-same people that new tiers or Heroic/Mythic modes or something be added to make the whole thing challenging again?

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