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Originally Posted by Omacron View Post
It's funny about true blood- I cannot stand the show (I hate the American south, I hate vampires, and I hate people who randomly have sex for no reason), but the woman who wrote the series that it is based off, the "Sookie Stackhouse Mysteries", is actually a close friend of the family. Charlaine Harris actually mentored me a bit when I started writing, so I find it hard to hate the show "too" much, even though every thing about it is an affront to my senses.

Really, though, I just want vampires to be monsters again. That's why I liked Vampire: The Masquerade. You have a couple of "pretty" vampires, yes, but even then they were pretty morally bankrupt, but you also have your completely repulsive vampires, like the Nosferatu, Brujah, and my favorite, the Tzimisce.
So much this.

Another thing that pisses me off is related to this. Why do people feel the need to sex everything up? I'm all for a reinterpretation of things, but when it gets to the point where you discard the fundamental lore behind it, you're just creating a new genre. And in most cases, it's a shitty one.

Also, I'm pretty sure I'm not a Christie Golden fan; she claims to have created the vampire elf character, and is GODDAMN PROUD OF IT!
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