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Is there any specific reason that Draenor and Azeroth have some of the same species of animals, or are we just going with the explanation that sizable populations crossed through the portal?
In-game, it's nearly impossible to find a reason why raptors, wind serpents, chimaera, hydra (though these four seem to have fairly specific Outland representations that are probably native species), dimetrodons, wolves, owls, lynx, and crocolisks (the latter two only and inexplicably in the Eco-domes in Netherstorm) are as close as they are. It's almost possible that boars were a Draenor-native species, as they don't appear in any number outside of heavily orc-settled (either now or in times past) areas; of course, the Quillboar and Aggamagan blow that theory out of the water. Wolves might be Draenor only, again except for the stories of the Worgen (told by Ur to be ancient tales among the people). I don't even want to think about Northrend-only species.

Out-of-game, chalk it up to a changing world from Warcraft (I R D&D) to WoW (wow! a universe!).
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