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Remember those confusing tweets of not-knowing-when-exactly-Stormwind-fell from Loreology and that not-blizzard-lady who helped with UVG? They said it was either in year 3 or 4.

(Varian was born 10 years before the First War)

This seems to have source here:

Wolfheart, chapter 22:
The tranquility of those days softened Varianís heart. Still the young boy, he looked up at his father.
That was when the assassin struck.
Llane fell, dead. His slayer, the female half-orc called Garona, loomed like a sinister giant over Varian, who was now suddenly some thirteen years old.
Screaming, tears pouring down his face, young Varian lunged at the killer. Events had not played out this wayóin real life, he had not entered the room until the half-orc had already murdered his fatheróbut now they mixed with Varianís turbulent emotions of that time.
But Garona disappeared. Llaneís face, contorted in death, filled Varianís thoughts. The teenage version wanted to cry out for his father, but no sound came from his straining mouth.
Then the tragic memory became mixed with others. With Llane dead, the capital was vulnerable. The orcs, who had already invaded the kingdom four years previous, now overran the great city. The capital fell as brutal axes slew hundreds.
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