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You know, one of the things I most dislike in WoW is how the expansions, spanning whole wars, last but a year.

Anyway, Marthen when do you consider the Third War begins? Hearthglen? Northrend? The Betrayal?

If I were to "prolongate" the duration of things in WoW, I would first of all make Anduin Wynn born in 616, thus being 8 years old in vanilla. It would span from 624, with the arrival of the armies of Stormwind and Khaz Modan to Blackrock Mountain, to 627, with the Argent Dawn siege upon Naxxramas.

628 and early 629 would see the whole of the Burning Crusade, with the arrival of the Alliance and Horde Vanguards in Northrend in 630. The Cataclysm would hit on the early weeks of 632, and the Siege of Orgrimmar in summer 633. The Battle of the Broken Shore would occur in summer 635, with Anduin at 19 years of age.

Yes, I use Anduin's age as a reference, it makes it easier :p

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