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Originally Posted by TerrorhoofMayo View Post
I did say WC3 was a good cut off point. Even then the tech didn't look reliable compared to what we have now. Goblin shredders and gnomish flying machines are low key compared to a helicarrier. Even with all that it still retained a majority fantasy, now it's just rule of cool.
Well, for starters you can have fantasy in more eras than the medieval one. Given how you defended Star Wars, I think you're more concerned about development jumping the shark, and that's a reasonable concern.

Again, if the Night Elves would have gone in this direction, it would have been important to keep it anchored with what the race is and what it stands for. Smoke-belching factories would be unacceptable. Druids and ancients being able to supply, operate, and heal machines more complex than glaive throwers from hideouts in the woods would get closer. The lynchpin is of course the power and application of druidic magic, which I argue should also see a lot more traditional use against enemies of the Kaldorei.
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