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Originally Posted by Marthen View Post
You wouldn't.

See our little flower, in this world, there are two kinds of people. Those who consider Rigby's framework a holy grail, and those who care about the meta of the whole setting, wanting a realistic, thus imbalanced, world of harsh consequences. Lon-ami seems to be the second kind.

(For the record, I am not sayin that Blizzard in any way provides plausible let alone realistic writing, I am simply saying that for some, Rigby holds no relevance, as what they seek from fantasy, even fantasy game worlds is not only uncorned with it, it often stands at odds with it.)
I was wondering when you'd turn up. Though, I'm going to have to ask for clarification again, because the last time we butted heads on frameworks, you stepped back from saying that the game should only cater to your peculiar interests.

So, you can see that I've put my cards on the table. I have a framework, and I have support for it. Would you care to show me yours and why it's the better one to use if you are writing, and presumably selling, an MMO?
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