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I like Kyalin's OP, and methodical approach. I think it's a good warning/objection raised. However, many of the concerns date back to older expansions.

How do Night Elves come across in Legion? I would say very well, with some of those presentations being almost apologies for past storytelling.
  • Legion is the "Elf Story Unification" expansion. It unifies the stories of Night Elves, Ghost Night Elves (Darkshore, Stonetalon), Blood Elves, Naga Elves, Nightborne, into a single story. Then it enriches that story further with the Moonguard, Fal'dorei, and the Arcandor, and unites it all in a story about a need for balance between nature and arcane with the elves. (With that need for balance foreshadowing the need for balance between dark and light.) IMO, it's brilliant game story telling.
  • Stat wise: Three full zones, six dungeons and two raids are elf themed. Plus Alleria's substantial role in the end game.
  • Tyrande's character: Tyrande is portrayed as passionate and quick to act -- impatient. But when the chips are down, she chooses rationally, chooses her long term duty over her more immediate emotional response -- she chooses to protect the temple, rather than pursue Malfurion. That's a good, strong character.
  • On her ride to the temple Tyrande clarifies her relationship with Malfurion. And its a clarification that makes sense, and gives them both credit in the relationship. (I felt that this was specifically an apology for Kosak's Tyrande kitchen comment.)
  • Tyrande doesn't go all peace mode and give away Azshara again. Her feelings about involvement in Suramar campaign are exactly correct: recognizes tactical value, remember past actions, but is warily hopeful for their future.
  • Tyrande and Malfurion's reactions to Illidan's final message also very notably avoids "all is forgiven". They have very muted appreciation. It's a excellent finalization of their relationship.
  • Prince Farondis: Blizz fakes us out with this guy, and the fakeout is an apology. At first, he looks wimpy, browbeaten. But when he pulls out the fireballs, he's a powerhouse. Then you switch to his PoV you get to play his powerhouse abilities. And then he encounters Azshara, and instead of wimping out, he immediately goes "Oh hell no!" and stands up to her beautifully.
  • Maiv is presented as a complete hardass; and her past crimes are retconned(?) as mind control or something. Her relationship with her brother is fixed. And of course, the Wardens in general are given a fair amount of attention in Legion.
  • Then there's the Moon Guard, Valewalker Farodin, and too many others to list. Just a ton of strong NE characters.

In contrast, I'm having a hard time thinking of NE characters who come off poorly in Legion. Only one that comes to mind is Cordana, who is stuck with the heel turn that was inflicted on her in WoD.

Now, while I'm enduringly dubious of Blizzard's ability to write the faction war well, Legion did have a ton of excellent writing. And there's definitely an opportunity for growth for the NE's. Storywise, kicking them out of Teldrassil has the option of making them a lot more interesting. Less peaceful tree huggers, more pissed off vengeful warriors.

But it remains to be seen if Blizz will actually realize that possibility.
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