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Originally Posted by Rexxar View Post
Unfortunately I do not think there is room for much of their development in BfA. What I am hoping for is that they get seeded, like how Legion was seeded starting back in MoP, so that we can see a Suramar-sized reclamation campaign two expansions down the line for Kalimdor NEs. We're still early in the expansion's lore and honestly have zero idea whats planned for NEs.

What I'm saying is, even if there is a NE reclamation, or resistance force, or something along these lines NE players can identify with as suggested by OP, these kind of narratives drag for several years in WoW, because theres no more room for them. I like how vocal the community is about the night elven issue, and agree with OPs points, I just think we should be a tad bit more patient with Blizz, cuz theyre SLOW and we know it and cannot really do anything about it.
I'm just going to comment on this point.... and I'm going to apologize for sounding as antagonistic as I do - it's nothing against you because you're probably right. They probably will make us wait without an answer, if they ever intend to make these developments mean anything.

So, in regards to patience. I've been waiting for about seven years for good Night Elf content that I can feel proud of. During six of those years, I subsidized content that I didn't want to play, or content that was designed, in the ways I have demonstrated, to make me feel miserable for some other player's benefit. So when I'm asked to be patient, I have to ask: how much more is enough? One year? Two years? Six?

Or, maybe I ought to put it in other terms, because time IS money (friend). How much content that I don't enjoy do I have to subsidize for other players? I'm being asked, depending on when expansions release, to pay an amount equal to what I would get for three to four sixty dollar releases made by developers that actually care about delivering an experience that I will enjoy, to pay for a franchise that doesn't want me in it ... on the wisp of a hope - a hope unsupported by data - that one day maybe they'll throw me a bone?

That doesn't sound entirely reasonable to me.

(Now, if your answer is "Then just stop playing". I agree. Night Elf fans should stop paying this company until their behavior changes. In the meantime, the people who are benefitting from these changes should pay for them without our help.)
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