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Originally Posted by Cacofonix View Post
The Humans and Orcs suffered easily as much as the Night Elves in WC2 to WC3, if not more. Even if the NEs were weakened during RoC, the Humans ate genocide at the hands of the Scourge and the Orcs were whatever Thrall could fit on some boats. Neither of them should be overpowering the NEs with their allies (also conveniently absent in WoW whenever the Horde is doing its shenanigants).
Numbers honestly don't matter, and assertions like this one will never overcome claims of "but they're fighting four races at once!" that intentionally assume unrealistic concentrations, ignore the allies that the Night Elves do have (Draenei and Worgen for example), and ignore factors like terrain and logistics. You could go on discussing them for ages, but you will not overcome that objection, nor would it matter if you could because those considerations have no bearing whatsoever on what Blizzard will do.

This is why I have all but abandoned the idea of trying to demonstrate why it's unreasonable from a lore perspective, and to the extent that I slip into lore-based reasons for calling it unreasonable, I am making a mistake. Lore does not matter, only writer intent matters.
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