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Originally Posted by Cacofonix View Post
I figure Ner'zhul needed a living body that was strong rather than a corpse. After all, the Dreadlords could enthrall undead.

The final WC3 has the Dreadlords as the Lich King's jailers/overseers. This alternate WC3 would apparently have a load of them become loyal to Ner'zhul through his magic.

We could do that yeah, but I acted like we were keeping the new WC3: RoC Races (Tauren, Night Elf, Undead) while abandoning or reworking its cosmology.

You could just put them at war with the Alliance from them expanding into Kalimdor and/or their ties to their old enemies the High Elves. They can be allied with the Horde (who abandon their ties to demons for other paths to power while Lordaeon embraces undeath) who sail there not on some prophet's say-so but to check for allies against the Alliance.

They can still be relatives as god-dragons.

Well, historically a woman in Medieval European society was considered a woman instead of a girl when she had her first period (which would be about 12 or so). Garona could really be just about 15/16 at the First War's start. An adult in Orc society.

Do demons using a warmongering Horde for their schemes really have to ruin the Horde's free agency? It did when WC3 to Rise of the Horde did it since the Orcs were presented as pristine noble savages in the state of nature before the demons found them and their warmongering gets blamed on outside parties.

I see no loss of free agency if some demon lord (let's say Archimonde since he was introduced in WC3) comes across Draenor and sees the WC1-WC2 styled Orcs as handy for his schemes in Azeroth.

Her narrating in WC2 made it sound like Medivh was doing alright until demons found him.

I think they tried to address that by saying Kil'jaeden's WC2 look was him taking the shape of Orcish spirits/ancestors. I guess you can just make him King of Doomguards.

Won't deny the Legion hasn't turned out well overall. I'll say that making your world's archvillain be conquerors/destroyers of the universe who repeatedly fail to beat one single planet doesn't help their credibility.

The Blood Elves could be a neat direction to take the High Elves if you have the society fall into corruption (instead of just Kael'thas' posse) and abandoning their Druidic ways to become more like their WC3 style.

There's also the "Scourge is more of a legit revolution within Lordaeron/Alliance." Combining them with the Ner'zhul Horde's leftovers their "culture and history" can be an unholy meeting between the Old Horde and the Alliance of Lordaeron. Especially once Lordaeron's adored prince starts advocating for the Scourge (maybe he acceptably succeeds Terenas or doesn't incriminate himself in Terenas' murder).
I am generally opposed to stories which strain credibility.

Medivh was the first person with the idea to use the Horde as his army to conquer Azeroth, and he was doing this of his own free will due to being corrupted by his own power. It strains credibility that random demon lords would show up and do the same thing, or that he was a puppet the whole time. That is not creative in my opinion.

The Lich King being a lost member of the Order of Tirisfal would neatly explain why he would have tracked Medivh's actions to Draenor and rescued Ner'zhul's forces for recruitment.

The Night Elves being aliens attracted to Azeroth and Draenor by the portals created using Medivh's knowledge could justify their involvement without needing to restrict the maps of Azeroth. Or maybe Ner'zhul stumbled upon their world and ended up fighting them, which led to them following him back to Azeroth when the Lich King rescued him.

The night elves, as said before, were originally much more violent and wild, so I think that portrayal could be helpful for informing these alternate alien counterparts. They fought with Ner'zhul's forces, Ner'zhul escaped them, they tracked down his trail for years until they found Azeroth and decided to attack in order to pre-empt any future invasions by what they perceived as hostile alien forces.

This raises the question of why there are elves on multiple planets, which is something that could be left open for a future plot. As a matter of fact, the different elf cultures from canon could be rewritten as cultures from different planets rather than one. I honestly found the number of new ethnic groups growing unmanageably large in WoW.
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