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Originally Posted by Euphemialibritannia View Post
Double post to necro the thread, but has anyone played that new Pokemon Conquest game? Got it yesterday, and it's actually a great spinoff. While the actual pokemon battling is simple since pokemon only have 1 move, it still follows the weaknesses/strengths chart, and with trainer spells it adds depth. Also it has terrain features on the battlefield, such as flood gates, lava flows, thunderstorms, so the battles can actually be tricky. Not to mention the fact that as you conquer more land your empire grows, so you have to take care of your growing army by training your pokemon, strengthening the bond between warrior and pokemon, and recruiting new warriors or forming new links with wild pokemon. Would extremely recommend the game, specially for huge SRPG fans like myself.
If I can persuade my mom that Pokemon games aren't childish, then I will buy it too

@ Chef: They use a variety of drawers for their pokemon, Golett, Golurk, Vanillite, Vanillish, Vanilluxe, Mandibuzz and Vullaby were drawn by a Britain for example and Ken Sugimori makes the lovely 'official' art of them (like that picture of Garbodor). Although Ken did create the original 151 by himself.

It ofcourse is personal taste what everyone likes the best ofcourse. (if you play enough pokemon games with the new ones, then I am sure you will get used to it.)

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