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Originally Posted by Cacofonix View Post
The way to handle the Scourge that comes to mind is something I read on /tg/. Which was this:

>Scourge is made up of both living and undead participants as the Cult of the Damned rewards only diehards with undeath and raises the already dead, the middle section of cult members is more useful alive plus they can sway large groups of military to accept Ner'Zhul as their lord and saviour
>Arthas kills his dad and replaces the administrative body of Lordaeron with Scourge loyal subjects
>Scourge has massive numbers but is still contained in Lordaeron, has to withdraw immense manpower to support the Legion in Kalimdor so what's left in Lordaeron is but a fraction of the entire force to hold things together

More of a Lordaeron Revolution than an army out to KILL ALL HUMIES/LIVING.
That reminds me of something. To a degree.
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