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What does it remind you of?

Also, here's another post by what I'm sure is the same channer:

Going just by Warcraft 3, no supplementary reads like novels or forum posts, it could be argued that arthas really just wanted to rule Lordaeron, not necessarily it's zombified and blighted version but he'd took it as a necessary evil to being king.
Come to think of it, coming back to supplementary lore again, the Cult of the Damned didn't consist excludively of undead but modtly living members who sought a change tjrough this new religion. I think it's applicable to the Scourge as well that the greater organisation has had numerous living members who saw it modtly as a religiously motivated revolution, and it was mostly the bulk of its military force that was undead due to it being cheaper and more efficient in combat.

Lordaeronian Revolution it is.

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