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While I agree with many points regarding Warcraft II said here, and my own fanwork follows many of these points (as it is a rather extensive rewrite/redesign that follows the "what if Warcraft remained consistent factually and thematically with early lore and remained a more grounded geopolitical setting” principle), I'd disagree that the Legion appeared completely out of nowhere in Warcraft III. The scope, the role, the history, yes, but the very existence of a d(a)emonic force loyal to Sargeras and seeking to reach Azeroth? That is absolutely Warcraft II, and I'd easily argue should be retained, just without an overblown scope and unnecessary historical revisionism.

When it comes to the high elves and the night elves, and this is something we've been discussing a lot with another Warcraft II grongard on my Retrocraft discord (as I am dealing with the matter in my fanwork), the night elves as presented in the final version of Warcraft III do not particularly work without first retconning the elves of Quel'thalas, otherwise you end up with too much an overlap, since the elves of Warcraft II were both druidic and lunar themed. This means if one wants to keep the Sentinels in some form without retconning the elves of Quel'thalas, they need to be significantly different from their Reign of Chaos incarnation.
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