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It's one thing to attack the argumentation instead of the argument, it's yet another to actually do so while doing the exact thing you seem to so vehemently reproach to other.

You are defending your own personal preferences, your own fanon, based on bits and pieces of lore of various games of the series you chose to select, and other you chose to ignore.

I actually have absolutely zero problem with that, I greatly enjoy that sort of thing.

As long as everyone is aware that this is a discussion going between people who come from vastly different perspective, both in term of preferences, interpretation of the lore, or you know, just language. And that when wall of arguments are being exchanged, informations is bound to be lost or misinterpreted.

You seem to consider that the latter is detrimental to the conversation ( while doing it yourself ). I consider that it is a pretty important part of the discussion. It helps reach a point of mutual understanding. To see what perspective the other is coming from.

Which is why I chose to display my personal heavy bias ( as in : I consider that Tyrande behaviour is absolutely nonsensical ) before making the tad less subjective point ( as in : I don't see how punctual use of goblin tech in the larger context of a world ending threat is at all meaningful ).

I also chose to quote a lot because I find it helps clarify what part of your argument I am referring to, especially considering that you seem to over interpret great part of what is being said.

If you find all those thing annoying, then yes, we can stop the discussion here.

I would nonetheless advise you to consider that you are yourself misinterpreting/missing a lot of what others are saying, and that your own points are far from being as clear and well structured as you seem to expect others' to be.

And sorry for the zinger, but you come out as pretty caustic yourself :p.
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