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Originally Posted by Nazja View Post
I know this may seem like more of a gameplay concern, but if I could change one thing about night elves it's the fact that their PotMs are represented by WoW's priest class. Instead of just Trueshot Aura (Yes, this was a vanilla passive ability.), I would also have given Searing Arrows and perhaps even Starfall, thereby not only representing PotMs more accurately but also making hunters a far more interesting class than they are. As a bonus, religions in WoW would've been less homogenised.

Hopefully Searing Arrows will eventually get added as a passive hunter ability, alongside a glyph to turn Volley into WC3's Starfall, but I doubt it.
The treatment of Night Elven priestesses as garden variety priests did annoy me as well. It diluted the whole idea of priestesses of the moon where hunters frankly would have been more appropriate.

I'm not sure if they needed Starfall for Night Elf hunters off of the bat. They could have done it (back in Vanilla they did give Night Elf priests their own ability), but the real matter is the swapping of armor and bows for robes and the docile motif that comes with it.
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