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Originally Posted by TerrorhoofMayo View Post
Star Wars had a consistent tech level.

WoW went from blunderbuss to helicarriers.
Your point being?

Doesn't make your "fantasy should remain fantasy" statement any less erroneous. WarCraft has had flying machines, mechanized armor suits and airborne fortresses since WC3. It's even had submarines since WC2. For all the complaining people did about TBC introducing interdimensional "spaceships," it really didn't. We already had that stuff since before WoW in the form of the Scourge teleporting its airborne necropoli onto the battlefield.

Horde and Alliance airships are downright low-concept compared to what the Scourge already had when it was introduced. In fact that advance in particular arguably makes sense with both how and when it happened, with the factions developing their own airships as if in direct response to their lands being assaulted by the Scourge's flying fortresses during the pre-expansion invasions.)

One might even say the airships have become less effective, as ever since the Alliance and Horde inexplicably stopped mage-shielding the things after Northrend they keep getting knocked out of the sky left-and-right.
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