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Default Sargeras Might Have an Get Out of Jail Free Card

Go ahead and take this with a healthy helping of Salt.

The Pantheon has physically bound Sargeras at the Seat of the Pantheon. Without Argus his Legion is Broken. He’s no longer a Threat, right?

But what if there’s still one sliver of his essence at large hiding in an exceedingly unlikely corner of the Cosmos, a place that probably shouldn’t exist........ but does?

I’m referring to Medivh. Not the Prophet wo rallied us against the Legion back in the Third War, but the possessed Mad Guardian who summoned the Horde to Azeroth.......... only, the Horde isn’t answering the phone right now.

I’m referring of course to the Medivh of the AU. If Garrosh’s meddling has effects on the Azeroth of that Timeway, then there’s an Azeroth where Medivh is still possessed, since summoning the Horde was a fairly large factor in him being exposed.

Now, I’m pretty sure both Medivh and Sargeras are 4th dimensionally aware enough to realize why no one on Draenor is picking up. They probably know that they are in a Timeway that shouldn’t exist, that should have either faded away or been folded back into the true Timeway. They also are probably aware of Sargeras’ incarceration.

So IF there’s an AU Azeroth, and IF that Medivh hasn’t been exposed and killed, Sargeras still has one last desperate card to play.
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