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Originally Posted by TerrorhoofMayo View Post
Really? It's a good fusion of arcane and druidism where night elves aren't not evolving. It's also not the first time arcane effects were bypassed through use of a conduit, at least in concept.
I think that to the extent you pursue such a fusion, you can't simply ignore the drawbacks to it, but maybe I'm getting ahead of myself.

I am a huge fan of the Deus Ex series. I started with the original game and probably will end up playing it again this week because - and this is a joke among Deus Ex fans - every time it gets mentioned it gets reinstalled and played. Human Revolution is a prequel to the original, taking place during the golden age of mechanical augmentation. The game's art direction even reflects this, with many of the environments being reflected in this goldish tinge to give off this sense of a brimming new world.

Now to the problems. The big one is neuropozyne, the anti-rejection drug. The deal is, if you become mechanically augmented, you have to take this highly addictive, highly priced drug for the rest of your life - or you die. Mechanically augmented people therefore constitute the richest 1/125th of the population (or at least according to Lazurus that's the number, but he's also a conspiracy radio jockey who comes on at various points in the game). Augmented people also face discrimination from those who claim that augmentation is "playing god", who are concerned with the idea that augmentation may make normal people irrelevant, and those concerned that augmentations can make a normal person far more lethal than they'd otherwise be.

I don't consider this a spoiler for Human Revolution as it's marketing for Mankind Divided , but those concerns are partially validated. There is a massive, worldwide incident that is clunkily referred to as the Aug Incident (I hate that name), which is a day when, without explanation, just about the entire augmented population flew into an induced hallucinogenic killing rampage. Millions died, no one knows how it happened or if it could happen again (except the player - that's the spoiler I won't reveal) - but what people do "know" is "these preening rich assholes played with fire and we all got burned". What you might expect followed.

I can't help but think that Eidos Montreal ripped a lot of ideas from Warcraft...

Anyway, much of that becomes possible with neuropozyne being a factor. (Some people even blame it for the aug incident) If you take it away, say with a magic gene sequence that just fixes the problem, a lot of the tension goes away and you don't get to examine the consequences of the technology. I see the arcandor in a similar light. I don't like the drawbacks to arcane addiction simply being fixed by eating a fruit, or otherwise being made so irrelevant that the only reason to oppose arcane magic is simple bigotry. I like the idea of it being a viably contentious issue with good points on both sides.

Since this turned up in a Night Elf thread though, I doubly don't like that idea being used on Kaldorei highborne. Azhara's highborne essentially regarded the lives of the lowborn as meaningless, and through her actions and inactions, multitudes of people lost their lives. That loss is remembered by a substantial portion of the Kaldorei - the War of the Ancients after all happened within their lifetime. I would expect a highly conservative attitude towards magic, and towards the ability of the highest echelon of society to amass any kind of power in that concentration, to emerge from that. So that "those preening rich assholes can't burn us again".

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