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The underlying problem with how Blizzard handles Night Elves is that they gave birth to a monster possessing an absurd amount of narrative potential that vastly outweighs them. Let's imagine the Night Elves' story as one big walk towards some objective, like the one that led to the founding of Valinor in The Lord of the Rings. In the latter, just that event divided their community in several political sub-divisions that then went to become cultural.

Blizzard, instead, can't even handle two trains of thought per race. This is specially cruel to the Night Elves, as they are the longest-lived civilized culture in Warcraft; they should have had tons of small minds working—or not working—together and not everybody following "Elune incarnated" Tyrande and "Hitler with antlers" Malfurion.

Staghelm and his supporters were a logical consequence of the Third War. Inhabiting Teldrassil, however, was not. We know that Staghelm's supporters were but a small fraction of the Cenarion Circle, and that Tyrande and Malfurion were the de-facto leaders of their people. With the latter asleep, Tyrande's word carried the weight of both. The logical choice for her would have been to refuse,
  • Because her husband also did it and she valued his advice.
  • Because the second coming of the Burning Legion was a heavy blow to her people. Bruised, it was better to cement their already established positions.
  • Because their new neighbors, the Orcs, were an increasingly ravenous menace to the forests of Ashenvale.
  • Because the groves and glades in dire need of cleansing were Felwood, Darkshore, and Ashenvale.
  • Because Auberdine already provided a functional port to interact with their new allies.
It would have been better to see Tyrande directing the fight against the Horde in Ashenvale—or at least much more consequent. Staghelm was a great addition, too bad that Blizzard decided to kill him and with it the last bit of true political friction in Darnassus.

I think Kalimdor night elf storyline in Classic could have been about Tyrande efforts, through players, to convince the Kaldorei towns and groups across the continent to form a single government as we learn about their traditions and insights into the future, while having political friction underneath as several leaders—Staghelm included—discuss the proper path for their race to take now.

In the Eastern Kingdom you could have got many night elf immigrants, centered around The Park in Stormwind, and their adaptation to the "modern" world. Put some interactions with the high elves and arcane magic and create good characters that could advocate for modernization in the future, and you got a hotbed for intercultural exchange.

There's much more floating in my mind. Where were the Wardens in Classic? I can't believe that during Tyrande's escapade only Illidan got free, nor that they were to have amicable relations with Darnassus during this time. How did Feralas night elves differ from their northern brothers? Why did Tyrande sent Shandris there while orcs rampaged through Ashenvale?

That's the thing about Night elves: they simply have MORE history in Azeroth than other playable races—Darkspear trolls are a more recent Gurubashi spin-off and the Draenei are aliens. The fact that they have to be equalized is jarring.

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