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Originally Posted by Leviathon View Post

Next AoT chapter is out and it's a long one.

Sasha dying was kind of expected. She originally was going to die way back before the author changed his mind and I feel this death is more meaningful than her dying to a random titan.

Also seems all the speculation about Zeke was correct and now Gabi is going to learn how things really are on the island.
Was excited to see the release while at work with nothing to do.

No surprise about Zeke, yeah, but still nice to see. So at this point, what does Marley have? Jaw, Cart, and Armored, right? And almost all their next-gen candidates are gone, either killed or out of their reach with the Paradis-folk. From looking at the wiki to remember things, I think only Colt, who was supposed to succeed Zeke, is left, and well, he's certainly not succeeding Zeke now.
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