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The Shapers Departure

With the world mended the Titans prepared to depart, constructing a vast temple complex for Elune to recuperate in upon the world's larger Moon, while An'she was given a floating complex near the world's sun from which she could rejuvenate her own energies.

Trag'oul, a mysterious serpentine being of cosmic balance who had long made Azeroth their home and was respected among both the titans and wild gods, was chosen as one of the world's chief guardians, alongside the Titanic Keepers that were spread across the myriad world forges upon the surface.

Over his long years upon Azeroth, Trag'oul had become progenitor of the dragons, powerful reptilian creatures that lived all across Azeroth, and the five most powerful of his children were chosen to receive blessings directly from the Pantheon themselves before the Titans departure, much to the dismay of the Keeper Odyn.

Finally, with the world's overseers and defenders secured, the Titans bestowed one last gift upon the world of Azeroth, a massive font of magical energy known as the Well of Eternity. The well was constructed around an enormous inland sea that had formed from a wound in the planet's surface where they had destroyed the Old God Y'shaarj's physical form, and it was ringed with powerful constructs that would guard it from outside intrusion and tampering. While each titanic facility had its own source of power, the Well would suffuse both the titans machines, as well as the world and its inhabitants with its power over time, nurturing their development and ensuring Azeroths defenders would always have the strength to defend themselves from outside assault.

Content that the world was securely safeguarded, the Titans bid melancholy farewell to the world and their allies upon it, knowing it would be long before they could return, but having left behind messengers to carry warning to them should their aid ever be direly needed.

The Legends Of Ancient Kalimdor

The Dragonflights soared over ancient Kalimdor seeing to their charges, the Keepers and their titanforged armies were ever vigilant in their defense, and the wild gods and elementals settled into the wilderness, maintaining the world's balance. Thousands of years passed in peace and stability, the threats to the world were few, its defenders strong and the few foes that assailed it were quickly dealt with. The ages were not absent of hardship or challenge, creatures from the dark beyond hungered for the world, there were brief feuds between the wild gods, and myriad other threats, but they were passing conflicts, never serious, and none compared to the chaotic time in which the world had been first been forged.

It was in this age of early mystery and legend that the first mortals slowly emerged from the world's wilds and depths. The Trolls, fierce hunters who venerated the wild gods, were among the most prominent, raising primitive temples and expanding slowly across the young world, though they stayed far from the stern guardians of the Well of Eternity.

As time wore on, yet more mortals emerged Jalgar, Tortollan, and many other races arising on the vibrant world. They interacted, often peacefully but sometimes violently, with each other, the primal world, and its guardians. Though most were often supported by their progenitor deities Elune and An'she distantly guided several emergent species who either had no direct creators, or whose creators had largely been weakened or consumed by the old gods, most devoted among these were the early Moonkin and Yaungol.

Though the Yaungol took to wandering the wilds of the world as humble hunters, the Moonkin congregated in isolated forests and vales, protecting places sacred and secret in the name of Elune, to prevent the other young races from harming themselves or others.

Mortals were not the only new life to emerge on Azeroth's surface. Elune came to love the elemental Lord Neptulon, and their daughter, an enormous Kraken of radiant beauty, came to be known as the Tidemother, and took to watching over lost creatures at sea.

The Age Of Trials
Not all of the world's wild spirits and elementals were benevolent, though they had fought together against the old gods and other threats, some carried the scars of these battles deeply, growing sadistic and cruel. Hakkar had never been a kind god, but over the years the faceless blood he had consumed smoldered in his dark heart with chaotic power, and his terrible hunger grew ever more insatiable. Distantly, the dormant old gods dreamt of worlds where they might manipulate the soulflayer in order to free themselves, but his will proved too strong, the fierce wild god simply began the wholesale massacre of any mortals he came across to sate his thirst.

The other gods were horrified by Hakkar's actions, while mortals had always been looked down upon they had never been killed so callously. Many fought to protect their followers from Hakkar, and Ultimately, the Green Aspect Ysera was roused from the Emerald dream by the horrified emanations in the sleep of mortals, and she struck out against Hakkar, with her flight scattering his children while the Dreamer herself destroyed him, though as a god his spirit persisted in the grey shadowlands, seething and preparing to return in time.

This was not the end of Azeroth's woes though, but the beginning of an age of true trials, as the budding world gave way to more numerous and more powerful threats, both from outside and from within. Many early mortal societies foolishly coveted the lands and resources of each other, and came into more and more ferocious conflict. Even when provided with room to grow and settle by Neltharion reshaping mountains and valleys for them, conflicts of other kinds emerged even within the same societies. Though not powerful enough to be more than a nuisance at first, some even sought to claim the power of their gods, the dragons, or the titans shining cities for themselves.

These battles filled the defenders hearts with sorrow, though many had little love for mortal life, they had no desire to destroy it either. From the mortal point of view, these attacks were rare, only once every few decades when a foolish or violent leader came to power and forced their people into a doomed campaign, but to the immortal defenders and gods, the foolishness of mortals seemed constant, and many came to have a dim view of their charges, secluding themselves in distant parts of the world, reflecting on how to better guide them or simply abandoning their followers.

Others however, were forced to leave the mortals behind in order to focus upon threats to the world, as a new foe fell from the stars. They were faintly like the Titanforged in that they were clearly constructs, creatures of gleaming metal, but though they came in a variety of forms their shapes were largely thin and sharp, at some places their limbs and bodies didn't even seem to connect, held in place only by magnetic force.

None were prepared to fight such a foe, the constructs were not particularly durable, but would continue fighting and moving even with grievous damage, and quickly repaired themselves given time. They used little magic but were highly resistant to it, and worst of all, they behaved incomprehensibly, cutting away wood and stone and metal from the world and drawing it away, paying no mind to any other living thing unless interrupted, whereupon they would strike without warning, remorse, or pity. Their vessels would fall like arrows from the sky, plunging into the world's surface and pouring forth their innumerable constructs to take in their harvest, before retreating back to the ominous. Because they did not speak, they were simply given a name due to their appearance 'Jaggeds'. At first only the wild gods and dragons took action to defend the world as they only seemed to damage the land and plantlife without caring for mortals or animals, but as the Jaggeds encountered titanic facilities they began attempting to strip away and scavenge the grand engines of the makers as well, causing the titanforged to take action.

It was simple enough to face the Jagged in battle as they employed no true strategy or tactics, but they were deadly combatants and paid no heed to their losses as long as they acquired the resources they targeted, and were quick to retreat and relocate elsewhere. Even with the titans waygates the Keepers could not respond quickly enough to prevent all damage to their facilities, and it was only when the massive defenses of the titans facilities, the Hammer of Thorim , meant to prevent the landfall or escape of more old gods or cosmic debris on the planet, were turned on the Jagged's vessel that the constructs fully gave flight in their damaged craft.

Unable to pursue the bizarre attackers, but undaunted, the Keepers were confident they could protect their world if the constructs returned in the future, but they did not realize that the damage had already been done, though it had only been for a moment, the scavenging constructs had weakened the Old Gods prisons for a single day before the damage was repaired, this was all that the Old Gods had needed to call out, even from within their prisons, to reach some of their minions still hidden deep beneath Azeroth's surface, and sow the seeds of future horrors.
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