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Originally Posted by Shekinah View Post
If it helps the site, I'm all for it. If big threads are clogging it, maybe we should open up a new spam thread and try to downsize or even delete the monster-sized threads?
Follow my train of thought for a moment:

1. The site performs slowly because the forum is filled with a ton of stuff.
2. Let's reduce the stuff in the forum!
3. We're Scrolls of Lore, we've written a LOT of words.
4. Wait, words don't really take up a lot of space. How could a modern forum struggle with just handling text?
5. See #3.
6. Okay, yeah, i get it, lots of words, but what about images? Shitpost memes, images from past PTR builds that aren't relevant anymore or should be archived elsewhere, the good old days of animated gifs in literally everyone's sigs... is that what's doing it?


THAT is the question I'd love to have answered. If the problem is culling old images, then that's one thing. If the problem is just that there's a literaly fuckton of old threads filled with tons of text, it doesn't matter that text has a small memory footprint on its own. If the vB code can't handle all that text properly, and THAT is what's slowing down the forum, then it's either we start deleting old words or we ask the question of whether new forum software would suit our needs.

Because I think it's reasonable to ask the question of "should we clean slate with new forum software in order to address performance issues?"
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