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Sylvanas is right. Honor in war is unrealistic, Saurfang doesn't need to get consent from his enemies to cleave them. You can't be friends with the dudes you're killing. You can't send a letter to your enemies declaring your intention to sneak attack them. I'm not a Sylvanas fan, but I do agree with her viewpoint and Saurfang's desire for honor in warfare is stupid, and I'm sure everyone he killed would disagree that they died with honor.

Also, let's look at what Sylvanas did:
  • killed a tree
  • there are more
  • build a new treehouse

compared to what Alliance did:
  • Destroyed an entire city
  • was only home most had in their un-life (NEs are EVERYWHERE)
  • Many Forsaken have PTSD and other mental illness already from DYING
  • Abominations are mentally retarded, so they don't even understand why they are being attacked
  • Horde were still grieving over death of previous Warchief and in a transitional period
  • catastrophic property damage vs burning wood
  • Furion can easily just ask treebeards to take form of new house or whatev the fuck
  • caused a big homelessness crisis in another nation when they already have that problem at home
  • Ally recession probably significantly worse after paying for "humble" Anduins fancy outfit
  • Living ex-Lordaeronians probably would have liked to have lived there again
  • Gold to restore Lordaeron, and any other conquered castles means skyrocketing taxes for the average Ally
  • Is not what Varian would have wanted (In last exp trailer they are seen nodding to each other)
  • Plus Varian would have been on front lines unlike Anduin who sends his people to die first
  • EXTREMELY disrespectful and distasteful for tone-deaf Anduin to use holy powers to raise dead in front of so many undead

Conclusion: Anduin is the Hitler, not Sylvanas
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