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Seems like assuming anything we see is a hybrid without spoken approval from the game or Blizz is jumping the gun. Especially since there could be any number of new, strange-looking Zerg strains introduced in the form of new units. There's no telling what sort of physical traits might manifest, and the only actual hybrids we've "seen" were generic stasis tank doodads in Brood War's hidden mission. For all we know, there might not actually be any in existence yet. Despite his supposedly numerous research facilities, Duran still might lack some vital ingredient for the final hybridization to succeed.

Besides, the whole idea of the hybrids as some grand threat is based wholly on the assumption that they'll actually be some sort of "perfect" being or at the very least, some kind of super-race. That was all derived from the beliefs of the Xel'Naga, and so far both of their known efforts to engineer races to their predesigned desires were ultimately failures due to their own short-sightedness and inability to accept that their intentions could be flawed from the start. They went from one extreme to the other, opting for purity of essence after thier failed attempt at creating a purity of form. They didn't even necessarily engineer the Protoss and Zerg with the intention of someday smashing them together and whipping up a successful result from the two lesser projects. It seemed like they pretty much wrote off the Protoss entirely.

There also seems some tendency to assume that somehow the Xel'Naga are now a malicious force, when the indications in their backstory are that they had good intentions in what they did (or at least the amorality of clinical, somewhat detached scientific curiosity). If they really had some sinister plan behind their efforts to engineer biological perfection, then it seems like they'd have purged the Protoss when it became clear that they had failed on Aiur, rather than lament the actions of their "children" and simply depart sadly to embark on thier next endeavor.

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