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Originally Posted by Pepe Stormstout View Post
True, but it's mostly that the yaungol are an animal race and there's already a Wild God that fits them perfectly. Since most, if not all, other Azerothian animal races that we know the origins of are related to Wild Gods, it would — in my opinion — be weird to have an animal race that didn't fit that same pattern.

We also don't know if the tauren creation myth or their worship of the Earth Mother is something that is shared with their yaungol parent race. Since there's no evidence that the yaungol believe in the same creation myth as the tauren, it might have been something that the tauren came up with after splitting off from the yaungol, and so there's no guarantee that it accurately reflects their actual origins.

Meanwhile, as far as I know the only Azerothian race confirmed to be the fleshified descendants of elementals are proto-dragons, who don't have much in common with any of the humanoid animal races. Admittedly, though, this last point doesn't necessarily mean much.
Well, the point is more variety, them not fitting the same pattern is the goal. It's also a good way for them to maintain the status of predating titans, though I am not sure if that's still a thing. Niuzao could follow the same pattern too and be a fleshified elemental.

I am also well aware that there is no guarantee the tauren creation myth is true. The point is to add something that's half true to the world, and them being fleshified elementals would fit it. Also, that creation myth could be something the yaungol lost under mogu rule.
Originally Posted by Omacron View Post
Let's also consider that, with Azeroth being a titan, that's likely the Earthmother worshiped by the tauren. That means their goddess is explicitly not an elemental, but if anything, she's an arcane being.
I know that's also very likely.

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