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Originally Posted by AndyJP View Post
How would you roleplay as a High Elf if you're part of the Horde?
A great deal of roleplayer's already do this. I'm almost persuaded to say the majority since I saw it so frequently. Its even prevalent on these very forums.

Originally Posted by AndyJP View Post
I don't think I would really like this though, if you're going to allow dwarves to be dark iron and orcs be fel orcs you may as well scrap separate factions entirely.
It’s more simply a cosmetic thing. As with Blood Elves, a large portion of Dwarves pretend they are Dark Irons in disguise or half Dark Iron or some bullshit. People just want to be different for whatever reason.

I’d suggest the achievements the skins be attached to be rather difficult and time consuming, but worth it for those who just have to roleplay as their favorite subrace. Keep in mind, in no way am I suggesting that lorewise the Dark Irons join the alliance. Its just a game mechanic special reward, like white drake mounts.
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