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Default I'm working on an alternate universe pitch, feel free to critique

Due to my dissatisfaction with the quality of Blizzard's storytelling and world building, I decided to work on a pitch for an alternate universe that addresses the flaws I perceived in canon.

Here is the link to it:

It is still a huge work in progress and I am open to suggestions. This isn't a plot for a specific story but an overview of the setting itself, a sandbox for stories. Or a collection of ideas that others are free to pilfer.

The pitch should still be recognizable as StarCraft, rather than wholly original. It still has terrans dealing with internal strife while repelling alien invasions, protoss struggling between the inflexible old culture and new changes, and zerg devouring all in their pursuit of perfection. I recycled as much interesting stuff from the canon as I could think of.

Feel free to criticize or suggest. I find it more fun to have other people to bounce ideas with.
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