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Default New Hero Moira and the Reinhardt Short

Well I gotta say, I'm looking forward to seeing what they do with Moira's skins, wasn't expecting a Irish villain really, but I'm glad we are getting more Talon members. I'm glad they didn't Irish stereotype her up on the base skin. It's good to have another damage dealing mobility support as well in the roster. One of the biggest downsides about her announcement though is unlike the last few heroes it didn't come along with an Animated sort of any kind. Hopefully we get one just before her launch or something.

The Reinhardt short was one of the weakest ones, but it picked up at the end.

The Blizzardland map thing was so weird and awkward, I thought they were legitimately announcing them actually doing that thing... even through the trailer I didn't clue into it. It's just so... left field. I'm not sure I like them making a map not really "in" the Overwatch world. It effects nothing obviously nor is it particularly weird for Overwatch to do non cannon stuff since the entire game exists in non cannon... but theres a certain oddness about it I just can't say I like.
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