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Originally Posted by Insane Guy of Doom View Post
They've talked about Blizzard World since the Blizzcon where Overwatch was announced. Originally it was called "Blizzney Land." Also I'm not sure it's non-canon, given that D.Va is canonically a Starcraft streamer.
From the original cinematic trailer where a security guard was playing Hearthstone, up until's reveal where her mech has Blizzard's logo on it, we knew that Blizzard existed in the world where Overwatch takes places. Since that world is intended to be the Earth of the future, it makes sense that Blizzard, a game studio on Earth, would also be there.

That being said, I can see some people reacting differently to Blizzard making something to overtly self-referential as a theme park about their own properties.

For me, acknowledging that Team 4 may have kept BlizzardWorld under wraps for awhile and then revealed it (internally, prior to BlizzCon, for testing purposes) as a love letter to their fellow teams is what keeps me from thinking of it as too self-congratulatory. It's Team 4 paying tribute to the games they worked on before they started Titan/Overwatch, and/or games that have become a part of the same family since.

So my take is "this is pretty cool." YMMV, ofc.
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