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Originally Posted by Xarthat View Post
It doesn't matter what the game is after 20. It's so damn boring I lost interest before getting there. Retail is certainly not that, at ALL levels. If the best defense is "wait, it will get less boring"... it's really damn broken. It's not supposed to be boring! Ever! What was it that Hitchcock said? Something along the lines of "you start with an earthquake, and then the tension rises".

And I stop "taking in the world" after about the sixth time I have to run by the same damn trees, getting jumped by the same damn wolves. It's still a scenery. But now it's a scenery that is starting to frustrate me.
What retail is is an arcade hall simulator. Everything is just a button press away, easily available, without a hassle. Like adding a coin in an arcade. Want to play PvE? Add a coin and you're playing a dungeon. Want to play PvP? Add a coin and you're playing a battleground. Want to level up quickly? Just add a coin and you'll be decked out in full heirlooms making it a breeze. Don't want to level up at all? Add a coin (literally) and you'll be max level. It's like running from arcade game to arcade game, playing different, pointless mini-games with instant gratification in the form of cheap tokens and shiny rewards.

An RPG is not a thrilling Hitchcock movie. It shouldn't follow the same philosophies.
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