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No, it's not a Hitchcock movie, but it definitely should not bore you into quitting. Every good game keeps you hooked the entire time. If you have to tell me "but wait, it gets better", you already screwed up.

And I don't get this about "everything being a button press away". What, you saying the game is easy? As opposed to Molten Core which has recently been beaten by people under level 60, and obviously undergeared? Classic just puts a lot of fake walls to make the game seem longer and like it requires more effort. All it requires is just time. Grinding and grinding. Yeah, the real WoW still has a lot of grinding. But at least I get to do what I actually want to do and not dread logging in because I will have to hold W for 15 minutes before I get to have fu- before I get to stand in front of a mob and drink coffee IRL.
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