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Originally Posted by Aneurysm View Post
What retail is is an arcade hall simulator. Everything is just a button press away, easily available, without a hassle. Like adding a coin in an arcade. Want to play PvE? Add a coin and you're playing a dungeon.
I'd take on-demand raiding over having to wait for a specific time in the week in order to kill a boss any day.

Right now if you want to go fight Azshara you just need to use group finder and there you have it.

Before on-demand raiding? You had to be either on a guild or be lucky enough to be selected by one of the few groups that were doing the content at the time you were on ON YOUR SERVER, because cross-realm anything wasn't a thing back then. So basically if you ever felt like "oh guess I'll kill Azshara now" it either was coincidentally on raid time or you would have to wait a long time.
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