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Originally Posted by Krainz View Post
I'd take on-demand raiding over having to wait for a specific time in the week in order to kill a boss any day.

Right now if you want to go fight Azshara you just need to use group finder and there you have it.

Before on-demand raiding? You had to be either on a guild or be lucky enough to be selected by one of the few groups that were doing the content at the time you were on ON YOUR SERVER, because cross-realm anything wasn't a thing back then. So basically if you ever felt like "oh guess I'll kill Azshara now" it either was coincidentally on raid time or you would have to wait a long time.
Krainz why the fuck do you come in this thread every day just to bitch about how you don't like classic or to try and make it look worse to other people

You have said all of this a million times. Go the fuck to another thread that pertains to your interests then. Nobody wants to see pages of you complaining about this game.
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