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Originally Posted by OnyxWatcher View Post
I hope not.
I like Kerrigan character, but it went wrong since Brood War.
She could be Starcraft counterpart of Sylvanas, creating independent faction of Infested Terrans controling some zerg broods.
I don't like how instead, she's a leader of the fucking Zerg swarm out of ass.
Even the gigantic brain "The Overmind" needed a lot of cerebrates to control the swarm and suddenly there's infested human psionic who outsmarts everyone and fucks everything with large army of demonique dino-bugs.

As I mentioned, I really like Kerrigan, but she's inappropriately too powerful.
That's one of several criticisms I have of her (and Stukov, but he's far less obnoxious about it). Aside from having Mary Sue powers, she steals the spotlight from the genuine zerg characters.

I don't believe that infested terrans should be able to control zerg at all, or at least not any better than standard overlords.

But all that's from a much earlier draft of my ideas. After receiving nothing but vitriol from the insane Starcraft fandom so far, I've decided I'm probably better off writing an original universe. Every non-Starcraft fanboy I've broached the topic with has told me so. They tell me that the Starcraft story is radioactive garbage and I'm better off writing an original universe.

The fact that Starcraft lore/story discussions can't ever discuss anything that doesn't revolve around stupid Kerry in some way is probably another nail in the coffin for my idea to turn it into a respectable scifi outing. I've tried to discuss Starcraft in forums for general military scifi/fantasy discussion and nobody's interested because the story is just that radioactive and the lore is just that shallow and uninteresting.
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