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Originally Posted by Menel'dirion View Post
Technically, the Shadowlands themselves (the place) is a retcon. As of Warcraft 2 the dead were in the Twisting Nether
While nearly all of the Orcish Hordes believed that our dead elders watched and guided us from the depths of some lost realm of chaos, I believed this notion to be a product of ritual and not reality. Within the Twisting Nether I discovered that the spirits of the dead do linger on, floating on the astral winds between the worlds. I learned that they kept their endless, silent vigil over the clans in hope of finding some means of escape from their lifeless torment. I knew then that these spirits of the dead would be a useful tool for anyone who could bind them to his will.

Emphasis added.

The whole Scourge Buildings being summoned from the Twisting Nether is probably based on that lore. Basically, early on, the Twisting Nether was our one-stop-shop for all things Hell. As the Lore developed, Death was further and further divorced from Demons and this is the result. Unless they decide to link the Maw and the Nether......
And to be fair, even that old entry was already retconned by Rise of the Horde and subsequent Draenor/Outland materials and content, whereby it turned out the dead of Draenor were never really indicative of how death works in general because the souls there were being artificially anchored to the planet by the proximity of the collapsed/collapsing naaru interred in Oshu'gun and Auchindoun and suspended over Shadowmoon Valley.

So while correct while they lived there, the beliefs of the orcs and draenei (and any other sapient races living on Draenor) concerning the spirits of the dead arguably ceased to be accurate when they came to live on Azeroth.
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