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Originally Posted by Anansi View Post
People still want Thrall back?

Just subsume the Horde into the Alliance already.
There was a clear distinction between Horde and Alliance even when Thrall was in charge. You don't need pointless war or one side to be evil for faction distinction.

And Thrall is one character the writers would be too scared to turn evil or kill off. The Horde would be using his plot armor to escape the villain bat. Vol'jin's problem is that he wasn't the writer's pet. But Thrall? He could shield the Horde. He might make the Horde all about himself, giving us the same problem the Alliance faces now, but we wouldn't have to be villains.

In fact, people opposed to Thrall tend to be villains. The Alliance would have to be the aggressors with Thrall in charge. So the Horde gets its break from being monsters, and the Alliance gets its turn to have the villain bat shoved up its ass like it so desperately wants.
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