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All pre-WoW games are fine. They were good developers back then.

All WoW expansions have been getting more terrible with each release, but they have kept a consistent quality, even if a bad one. Also, WoW vanilla isn't a "real" sequel to W3, it's a way too different type of game. It shares universe, but it doesn't feel like it shares the story. Think of it as a spinoff story in the same universe.

SC2 and D3 are the worse offenders here, butchering their previous titles to unconceivable limits. Both were awful shit games at release too, for the basics of what was expected, with butchered down options, shameless restrictions, and multiple cash-grabby tactics; but that's not what the thread is about.

SC2 had an awful pointless story, and also, it didn't improve the worldbuilding in any way. It's the same thing as SC1, with barely anything new. The entire plot is a mess with no sense whatsoever, and it's driven by cool factor. You don't feel like you're really playing in a galaxy, just some random boring planets with nothing interesting whatsoever. The franchise needed new creatures, and new races (not necessarily playable). It's just boring and uninspired, and the franchise won't go anywhere until they grow beyond the 3 classic races and their pointless and boring motivations.

D3 vomited all over the legacy of D2, by rehashing half of the plots of the previous games, and using some cheap poor "new tier of evil" bullshit. Oh, there's a new soulstone, and it's even worse this time! Oh no! The villains were cartoon material. The settings were clones of the previous ones, and the overall quest was uninspired and bland. The plot felt like a really bad excuse.

So, for me it's a tie between SC2 and D3. Now, D3 was bad, almost a rehash, but at least it made sense, even if it was awful. SC2 was pointless from beginning to end, so it emerges victorious.

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