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Originally Posted by Mutterscrawl View Post
Pretty much why I unsubbed when it became clear that Sylvanas's "Kill them for resisting us!" nonsense in BFA wasn't going to be questioned by... anyone in the Horde.
One of the worst parts was how the way she kills Zelling reflects on the Horde leadership's bizarre inaction. The fact that Baine's arrested is allowed to completely overshadow the fact that by taking responsibility for Derek's "escape," he was in effect saying he really did the thing they'd just accused Zelling of doing. And yet in spite of that, she has Zelling killed anyway.

Meaning to the other observing leaders, it should have looked like Sylvanas just arbitrarily had Nathanos execute Zelling anyway, right after - from what they'd just witnessed right before - he'd seemingly been exonerated by way of Baine's confession.

With said execution punctuating her "there's no room for weakness" statement, as if not actually being a traitor (again, seemingly) somehow paints Zelling as weak. Amidst their reactions to Baine's arrest, none of the leaders say a thing about the fact that Sylvanas basically made her "point" by offhandedly murdering one of her own people who (to their eyes, based on what they knew and Baine's admission) turned out to have not actually done anything wrong.

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