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Originally Posted by Millenia View Post
It's possible that those ethereal creatures would be immune to the blight even despite the blight's use as an anti-Scourge weapon. Even if ghosts, wraiths, and banshees made it unscathed, they'd be without corporeal support, and would be relatively easy pickings for the Forsaken.

Not unlike the Serpent's Spine stopping most of the mantid forces except for the flyers, the latter of which cannot deal too much damage on their own.
How immune could they really be though? For all their intangibility, they're still vulnerable to physical harm from sharp objects and heavy bludgeoning, so it seems like whatever part of their substance succumbs to edges and blunts could also suffer harm from an aggressively degenerative cloud of green crud that swiftly corrodes those it touches.

Plus given its alchemical nature and roots in the original Plague of Undeath, the Forsaken Blight would be as magical in its composition as it is biological and chemical, and so could be quite capable of damaging beings whose physical presence is also magical in nature.
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