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Originally Posted by Menel'dirion View Post
Mmm, problem with Goblins is that Gallywix, for all his flaws, represents the Goblin Ideal. You climb yor way over your competition to the top and then rub it in their faces, exploiting whatever you can to do it. Goblins aren't supposed to have morals or ethics beyond the point that a certain level of immorality will in fact hurt the bottom line.
I think Gallywix and Goblins in general live below that level every day. Morals and ethics do produce profits, they do not simply tie your hands, contrary to the belief endorsed by Blizzard that doing the right thing amounts to a slow decline and letting evil prevail with no answer whatsoever.

Basically the Alliance are the good guys and because they're the good guys, they can never win. And apparently people are supposed to feel good about losing for the right reasons?

I'd rather see the orcs led by a group of clan chieftains, similar if slightly larger than the council of 3 hammers.
How were chieftains selected in the past? Come to think of it, shamans were not chieftains on Old Draenor, no?

I would have killed Thrall either just before or during the siege, but I'd have done the same to Varian too. WoD might offer opportunities for both he and Varian to die, but I don't see it as a necessity any more.
I don't think Varian needs to die. He just needs to find his place. Unlike Thrall, he hasn't attained god-like powers or single handedly saved the world. He's just a human king the writers chained the Alliance story to. If they actually imposed limitations on Varian in which he had to work, he could be compelling and interesting.

But as long as he has the PC character to throw at all of his problems...
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