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Originally Posted by Ma Caque Attaque View Post
It's a problem but, what we see in game and outside of the game seems to be what Blizzard sees in the Gilneans. Which is a population that is being overwritten by "druidism" much like what the night elf fans complain about. Just going through any worgen questgiver and you pretty much get the exact same story "the forests are in danger, we must save the trees". The non-worgen Gilneans have been all but forced out. But I do wonder if that is more to reinforce the worgen versus the human which we already have in Stormwind.
I'm not so sure. I'm fairly certain that the 'furry night elves' routine was merely a cop-out, given that they didn't know what to do with the Gilneans, exactly.

They clearly are not so invested in these 'furry night elves', given that they ignore them.

That, to me, is a sign that they just haven't got a clue what direction they'd like to take.
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